Google Adsense now serving Ads on HTTPS websites

Google Adsense, the most popular ad network has started delivering ads to secured web pages also. Until now, sites which required HTTPS connection due to privacy concerns like e-commerce websites were devoid of serving Adsense Ads. If you have a site which is HTTPS compliant, it is good news for you. Now you can easily

How to choose a Blog Title

The first most important task in blogging world is choosing a proper and attractive blog name, as it helps in marketing and branding of our blog. Search engine like Google, Bing and Yahoo also looks at the blog title for ranking. Beyond this, good and attractive title always helps in drive traffic from search engine.

WordPress 3.3 version codename Sonny update available

WordPress came out with a new version 3.3 recently. It boasts of  lots of new features like new admin bar, refined media uploader, more responsive, new layout, sidebar improvements etc. Some of the same are highlighted below:

Retro-fitted – free theme based on Hybrid Framework

Justin has added another beautiful parent theme named “Retro fitted” under the Hybrid Theme Framework. Retro fitted is a full fledge parent theme build on the Hybrid Core Framework. It is completely free and uses the rock solid Hybrid which is among the most popular WordPress Theme Frameworks available out there.   Features of the Retro-fitted

Find perfect blog name and matching social network accounts using

Name Check List helps you check if a domain name and matching social user accounts/vanity URLs are available. It quickly scans through various top level domains, popular social networking sites and return the results in minutes. Link: Name check List

Hybrid Core: WordPress theme framework by Justin Tadlock

Hybrid core is a free Wordpress theme framework developed by Justin Tadlock. It will help developers make their own parent themes by using a set of conventions and PHP scripts for handling common functionality within themes.

Open Graph API will help Facebook to reach wider Userbase including Corporates

Facebook would soon open up new set of API called "Open Graph API". Although the details as of now are sketchy, the basic idea is to reach a larger Audience compare to Facebook Connect.

Arnold says "Fuck You" to California Legislature (Funny)

This is really funny. I just stumbled across this post at Techcrunch and thought, I have to show it to my Blog Readers. Thank you Techcrunch for noting.

Small change by Twitter killed Tweleted

Tweleted is a nice little service which has only one purpose. Find your deleted Tweets for you. But since now Twitter is removing User deleted Tweets from its Search Index and API also, Tweleted is a dead scoop.

Deleted Tweets would be removed from Twitter Search Index

Twitter has now decided to remove deleted Tweets from Twitter Search Index. It is a little known bug which no one ever notices, but the point is uptill now Twitter used to keep your deleted Tweets in its Search Index even after you have deleted it.