3 ways to add your Site to Bing Search Engine

Bing is a fresh new Search Engine from Microsoft. Although it already have a huge index of Webpages via its Live Search Engine Bots, learn 3 quick ways to add your Website to Bing Search Engine.

 bingcom 3 ways to add your Site to Bing Search Engine


1. Add the Site and claim Ownership

This is a step for Webmaster who wants to add their site and also take ownership of the same. I highly recommend using this method. This step is very similar to Google Webmasters and will help you use the Webmaster Tools provided by Bing.com w.r.t. to your Sites.

I have writtern a detailed explanation of this method at the following link. Remember to keep your Sitemap handy before submitting using this method.


2. Ping Bing.com with your Sitemap and add your site

This is the second method. Here you ping Bing Search Engine with your Sitemap URL. A successful ping notifies the search engine about your sitemap and hence the Site Structure. For this to work, you need to have a sitemap ready before hand. I highly recommend using a Standard XML format. Just replace your sitemap address in the following link and ping the Search Engine via any Web Browser.



3. Quick Add your site in the Queue

Finally the quickest way to add any Site to Bing Approval Queue. Jsut head over to the following link and Submit the URL. Its as simple as that, but remember this process will take the longest time.



submitting your site to bing1 3 ways to add your Site to Bing Search Engine


Do share your experiences and tips with our us. Have a nice Day..!!


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