4 Essential Plugins for WordPress Image SEO

4 very essential plugins for Image Search Engins Optimization in WordPress. This will help search engine understand the images on your blog better and help you get more rankings.


Image optimization is always neglected. Either images are totally writtern off or some other ways are found to do away with less of the images. Search Engines does not have images. It is just that we as blogger tend to over do things by stuffing our blogs with loads and loads of images, some of which can easily be done without. The point to not ehere is that, since images take up more bandwidth, use them judiciously.

Another aspect of Image optimization is that everything is concentrated with Image Size. Image size is not the only attribute which the Search Engiens go after. Using an image when appropriate with proper optimization including proper description goes a long way to increase the SEO factor on your blog. Here we present WordPress Plugins which help optimizing Images from SEO point of view.

WP Smush It..!!

WP Smush It..!! is a cool plugin which uses the Smush It API from Yahoo and process all your images in the background and optimizes them. The conversion process is loseless, meaning the image quality is not sacrificed during the process. Most importantly, it does all this without interfering the blog posting in any way. It also have the ability to optimize your existing images from the Media Library Tab in the Admin Panel.


SEO Friendly Images

Its a common practice to forget updating the Title tag for images as we are much focussed towards our Content. SEO Friendly Images provides a very simple way to auto update the tags for the Images. It does so based on the Image File name and the Post Title. You can do the selection from its settings page.


Cleaner Gallery

Developed by the popular author of Hybrid Theme, Cleaner Gallery takes care of any invalid XHTML code that WordPress generated when using the short code. Apart from that, it also integrates many Lightbox type scripts and adds loads of extra features.



cSprites combines all images in your content into one single images and display only part of it in the post content as needed. It in short apply the CSS Sprites formula to the WordPress Post Content. Doing this will reduce the HTTP request, make your pages load faster and make copying your iamge files a bit difficult. Moreover it also automatically generates ALT and TITLE tag based on your Post categories, image names, post title etc.


These are only a handful of plugins used by me at som point of the other. Do share via comments any more plugins which you find useful. Have a nice Day..!!


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