Advantages of Google RSS Reader over other Desktop RSS Readers

Google Reader is a very powerful Application. For me life as a blogger is incomplete without Google Reader. It is the second widely used Application by me after Gmail. WordPress comes third.

google rss reader Advantages of Google RSS Reader over other Desktop RSS Readers

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While Google Reader have been adopted by a large number of Bloggers but yet there are people who are stuck with Desktop RSS Readers. The Desktop RSS Readers have a few advantages of its own, but nothing beats the prospect of carrying your feeds with you where ever you go. Here are a few of the many advantages I find using Google Reader over the Desktop variants:

  1. Portability: Google Reader is truly portable. All you need is your Google Account and you can carry all your RSS Feed list with your where ever you go on the earth. All is needed is a Browser and a Internet Connection.
  2. Reliability: Like any other Google Product, the quality of this application is top notch. It does not miss or deletes your Feed list, have partial updates and performs what is needed from it very well.
  3. Accessibility: Adding a new RSS Feed to the Feed list is very easy. All you have to do is Drag a Bokmarklet to your Bookmarks Toolbar of your Browser. Next time you come across an interesting Blog, just click this Bokmarklet and it will recognize the Feed Link and present you with a Subscribe option. Simple isn’t it..!!
  4. Managing the RSS Tags: Managing the RSS Feeds and Organizing it is a Breeze. You can use tags to organize your Feeds in various categories as you please. It words the same way as Labels work in Gmail.
  5. Sharing Feeds: Sharing your RSS Feeds and viewing your Friend’s Shared Feed is very easy. The Navigation Pane has a Shared Item link to view Feeds that are shared.
  6. Public Page: It also provides with a public page where all your shared items can be viewed. Useful to redirect your friends to this link to show than what you are reading now.
  7. Auto Sort: Now a high ranking frequently updated Blog like Gizmodo or Techcrunch will not dominate all your Recent Feed list. Google’s smart auto sort will show the recent list populated by the blog’s RSS feed based on its update frequency. More frequently updated blogs with have less content in the front page of recently updated view.
  8. Google Backing: Since it is a Google product and a highly successful one, product updates and bug fixes are guaranteed.

So what more do you need. Make the switch now. I would son update an article on how to manage a huge RSS list with Google Reader. Log in to Google Reader and Remember to SUBSCRIBE.

Have a nice Day..!!

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