Google releases Page Speed Optimization Firefox Plugin

Google released a Firefox Plugin called Page Speed. The plug in is quite detailed and focuses on analyzing web pages and optimizing them for faster load times.

Google is known for keeping things simple. All their services have the trademark simple, clean layout and colors. All Google sites load quickly and without any delay. Now Google wants the same from you. Google have released a new Firefox/Firebug extension to help Website Owners and Web Administrators analyze their web pages and decrease their site load times. By doing so, you are giving your visitors a nice experience especially those who are on a slow connections.

goglecom page speed Google releases Page Speed Optimization Firefox Plugin

Here is a partial screenshot of Page Speed evaluating As expected all the test are passed with no critical or medium warnings. You can use this to inspect your Website and know about various factrs that is slowing your site down like:

  • Gzip Compression to drastically reduce file size while transferring
  • Cache Optimization
  • Image Optimization
  • CSS/Java Scripts Optimization
  • Minimizing Request Size/ Payload Size etc.

Download Link:

How to install and use:

Help topics about Fire Speed:

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