How to remove Category Base from WordPress Permalinks

Having good Permalink Structure is very important for your Blog with respect to SEO. WordPress does nice by providing a Permalinks Section from the Settings Page in the Admin Panel.


But sometimes some bloggers do not want to have any category base in their Permalinks structure. WordPress does not allows you to do it. Here is how you can get it done.


WP No Category Base Plug-in

If you are using WordPress 2.7, Go to Plug-ins –> Add New –> Search for “WP No Category Base”, install it and activate it.

If you are using previous version of WordPress, Upload the “no-category-base.php” to the “/wp-content/plugins/”, and Activate it from the Plug-ins Menu

This plug-in does not have any Settings Page. Just activate it to use and de-activate when  you don’t need it.


Remember to have no Post Slug equal to your Category Slug. In case you have same slug for both then the page will get the priority and the category page will never show up.


So which option are you going to choose? Share with other readers.

Have a nice Day..!!


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