Hybrid 0.6 Theme for WordPress 2.8 Released

Justin Tadlock have released 0.6 version of Hybrid WordPress Theme. This version is more modular and faster but not compatible with Wordpress earlier than 2.8.

Hybrid 0.6 was released by Justin very quickly to accomodate the new WordPress 2.8 changes. Hybrid is a very extensible and modular WordPress Theme Framework. Version 0.6 brings more speed, cleaner code and loads of preset templates. Here are some of its features compare to earlier version.

  • Compatible with WordPress 2.8 onwards
  • Smaller Footprint 500kb vs 164kb
  • More Modular. Coded from ground up
  • Lots of Template Files (55-60) wow..!!
  • New updated Theme Settings
  • Trackback and Comments Seperation (Oh.. I wanted that)
  • More filter and Action hooks
  • User selected Date and Time format and more & more


Time for me to get back to sketchboard. I provided custom theme design services at affordable rates. My theme of choice for deployment is Hybrid. If you want to avail my services, just contact me. Take care until then. Have a nice day..!!

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