Open Graph API will help Facebook to reach wider Userbase including Corporates

Facebook would soon open up new set of API called “Open Graph API”. Although the details as of now are sketchy, the basic idea is to reach a larger Audience compare to Facebook Connect. Couple of important points that Facebook needs to accomplish using Open Graph API are as follows:

  1. Reach a wider audience. Special focus on Corporates and Bbusiness Users
  2. Give Website Owner the ability to wrap their websites witha  Facebook blanket
  3. Include sites which do not have a Facebook Fan page or Do not wishes to ahve a Facbook Fan Page
  4. Collect data / statistics from traffic flowing through this services

Seems interesting. How the service will work and what features can be accessed via the API, only time wil. tell. Although we can feel rivalry building up here between Google’s Open Social vs Facebook’s Open Graph already.


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