Retro-fitted – free theme based on Hybrid Framework

Justin has added another beautiful parent theme named “Retro fitted” under the Hybrid Theme Framework. Retro fitted is a full fledge parent theme build on the Hybrid Core Framework. It is completely free and uses the rock solid Hybrid which is among the most popular WordPress Theme Frameworks available out there.

Retro fitted free wordpress theme 587x400 Retro fitted   free theme based on Hybrid Framework


Features of the Retro-fitted Theme:

  • Per-post/page layouts (one-column, two-column, and three-column layouts).
  • Art direction (the ability to add custom, per-post stylesheets).
  • Custom widgets (overwrites the default WordPress widgets with better alternatives).
  • Several sidebars (you can add widgets in many places).
  • Built-in pagination (no need for a plug-in to handle page numbers).
  • Breadcrumbs, thumbnails, and much more!


Download Retro-fitted Theme

Retro-fitted Theme Live Demo




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