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WordPress 2.8 Release Candidate 1 available have announced the release of RC1 for Wordpress 2.8 and if things goes well with no major bug fixes, Wordpress 2.8 could well be released to the public as early as 10.06.2008.

Bing on Facebook with 22k fans in 3 days

Now you can add yourself to the Bing Team on Facebook. A quick search of Bing resulted in the following Profile on Facebook with near 22k fans. It looks authentic enough, but we have not tried to verify that.

Google Suggested Searches does not recognize

Google's Suggested Searches does not yet recognize, Microsoft's latest Search Engine Offering marketed as "The Decision Engine".

New Search Options in Google

Google have recently updated it Search Engine with a wide range of options. This came on the verge of Microsoft releasing its latest Search Engine called Bing (re branded from Kumo, Bing..!! Who names a Search Engine Bing Anyway..!!) Let us take a look at its New offerings… Filter Results by Type This one is

20 Premium WordPress Themes

WPCrowd have cmpiled a list of 20 Premium WordPress Themes released in May 2009. You can go have a look at them at the Source. Read at Source Note: The post at source contains affiliate codes

Alexa now comes with a fresh new look

Alexa sometime in the past month or so updated its site with a new layout. Also the Statistics page got a nice new and much wanted facelift. Check out Alexa’s new Blog Stats page. Here is a quick screenie for you. Alexa give you a nice way to check your Blog’s Sitewide Stats. Sitewide means

Help StumbleUpon Translate its Toolbar for Non English Readers

StumbleUpon,  the leading Website Recommendation service is currently in need of translators for its Toolbar and Website, so it becomes more accessible to non English Readers. StumbleUpon is currently looking for Spanish, German and French Translators. Upon implementation in these languages, they would further extent it to more local languages. If you are interested in

Stumble Upon no longer a part of Ebay

Stumbleupon has been brought back by founder Garrett Camp and co-founder Geoff Smith together with some private investors. The reason for buy back was termed as no senergy between the two parties for the long term. Between StumbleUpon, Digg and Delicious; I always favored StumbleUpon as it has an edge over bringing new media and

Digg updates its Search Functionality

Digg have updated its Search functionality in a big way. They have shreded their traditional search button and replaced it with the new and improved search bar. New and Improved Functionality Plus they have added some new functionalities which are specific to the Social Bookmarking Site. It is going to give users with innovative ways

New Suggested Questions Module in Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers Team has come up with a new suggested questions module. This module will help users to see beyond the recently posted Answers, and rather find answers more suited to Interests and Area of Expertise. Suggested Questions Module It works on the principle that Expert Users gives good Answers. So they should be presented