WordPress 2.8.1 Beta out and not so smooth upgrade to 2.8 by Us

Today we tried to upgrade to WordPress 2.8 and faced few issues. Let is a short post describing the same. By the way, WordPress 2.8.1 Beta is available for download.

Earlier today, Smart Blog Tips was upgraded to WordPress 2.8. Sad thing is the transition was not smooth. First of all the PHP Memory Limit bug stinged us. After increasing the allotted Memory to 64MB, we could manage to do the automatic update. However, the problem was not over yet. The theme compatibility crept up. Related post was shown twice on the page bottom. Few plugins refuse to load. And over all the experience was patchy. Thank goodness we have our data backed up, so incase if anything gets lost, preparation was there for a fresh install.

Finally things are back up with couple of hour’s downtime. And this hit the analytics stats pretty bad. But since it was sunday, and the activity on this blog is lowest on Sundays, we hope not many visitor were disappointed. There are few issues still but then atleast we got up and running for the moment.

WordPress 2.8.1 Beta is available to download. This is like a Service Pack release, where few bugs that poped up in version 2.8 are taken care of. Here are the major bug this update resolves:

  • get_categories() function and incompatibility with certain themes
  • Reduced Dashboard Memory Usage
  • In case of a failed upgrade, accidental file deletion is avoided
  • Fixed certain issues with Rich Text Editor Loading
  • Beefed up security for plugins that do not provide xplicit permission checks


Remember this is a Beta release. To use it at your own risk. Have a nice Day..!!

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