WordPress 2.8 Release Candidate 1 available

WordPress.org have announced the release of RC1 for WordPress 2.8 and if things goes well with no major bug fixes, WordPress 2.8 could well be released to the public as early as 10.06.2008.

WordPress 2.8 comes with a lot of optimization features making it the most robust and speedy WordPress version ever. Here is a small list of new features that WordPress 2.8 will bring:

  • Faster load times with the ability to compress both Javascript and CSS
  • Theme Browser for searching and installing themes from within Admin Panel
  • New widget Panel makes working with Widgets easier
  • New Admin Schemas for the Admin Panel
  • Updated Plugin Search
  • Fixed bug with Flash Uploader


Enjoy WordPress 2.8 RC and have a nice Day..!!


  1. By Daddyoh

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